For years, the CLIMA Fund’s member organizations have supported movements led by women, youth, Indigenous Peoples, and small-scale farmers who demand the opportunity and resources to fully actualize their human rights. In particular, CLIMA Fund acknowledges the role women play at the nexus of resistance, strategy, leadership, and care of land and water.

Meet a few of the CLIMA Fund’s partner organizations, below. The current COVID-19 pandemic is presenting new challenges for their work. Groups are moving to ensure community health and well-being where governments are failing and rebuild the social fabric that will stave off the crushing economic fallout. (Note: Due to escalating security threats on environmental defenders, we cannot include all of our partners.)


Challenging false promises to the climate crisis


Resisting industrial timber plantations


Engaging youth advocacy at he domestic and international levels


Supporting small farmers and social movements
Barcelona, Spain

SAVE Rivers

Protecting land, rivers, and watersheds

Take action and support grassroots climate solutions

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