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Resourcing Grassroots Climate Solutions

Our partners are cooling the planet and ensuring the rights of all peoples

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130 years

Learn about grassroots climate solutions to the most urgent crisis of our time.

What is the CLIMA Fund?

The CLIMA Fund is a collaboration between Global Greengrants Fund, Grassroots International, Thousand Currents, and Urgent Action Fund for Feminist Activism — a like-minded community funding grassroots movements to cool the planet and build resilience around the globe. Working together, we give influential funders a simple and effective way to invest in grassroots climate change movements.

From The Grassroots

Latest from the CLIMA Fund

Learn how the CLIMA Fund supports those advancing equitable solutions to the most pressing crisis of our time.

This report connects the dots between specific stories of change and global impact, demonstrating how grassroots movements are already forging transitions from extractive agriculture and energy production to agroecological systems and equitable energy generation.

Grassroots movements are transforming the landscape of climate solutions globally, addressing the multiplicity of root causes and effects of the climate crisis in lasting ways.

Grassroots movements have sophisticated approaches for growth, which ensure sustainable, resilient, and equitable solutions. By expanding our view of scale, funders can better understand and resource strategies that are likely to succeed, in the long run, at cooling the planet while advancing equity.

How do grassroots movements scale? Why is international solidarity important in confronting the climate crisis? Why fund the grassroots?

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