Climate change is ravaging people and the planet.

Humanity is devastating the cultural and ecological diversity of our planet, threatening its liveability for most of the biome. Thankfully, ambitious solutions are coming from those who are most impacted by, but least responsible for, climate change. Yet, these communities often lack the resources necessary to amplify their solutions.

That’s where we come in.

The CLIMA Fund is a collaboration between Global Greengrants Fund, Grassroots International, Thousand Currents, and Urgent Action Fund for Feminist Activism — a like-minded community funding grassroots movements to cool the planet and build resilience around the globe.

Working together, we give influential funders a simple and effective way to invest in grassroots climate justice movements globally.


Collectively, the CLIMA Fund members have

Annual budgets of

>$64 Million

~20,000 Grants

given to grassroots, movement organizations


168 Countries

over 130 Years

experience in grassroots grant-making

For years, the four CLIMA Fund member organizations have funded and partnered with movements that authentically represent the needs of their communities. The CLIMA Fund resources Indigenous Peoples, women, youth, Black and Afro-descendent communities, and peasants, who tend to be the ones most often overlooked in traditional funding schemes focusing on climate, “development,” or recovery and rebuilding. They are advancing agroecology, resisting extractive industries, implementing community-controlled renewables, and promoting Indigenous rights defense. Here is a snapshot of our grassroots partners’ work in the most recent fiscal year.


We envision a world in which climate justice is realized and grassroots movements have the power to influence and enact self-determined solutions to the climate crisis.


The CLIMA Fund mobilizes the philanthropic sector to resource grassroots climate justice solutions.

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