The CLIMA Fund is a collaboration between Global Greengrants Fund, Grassroots International, Thousand Currents, and Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights. With one cross-cutting coordinator, the collaborative is directed by the collaborative’s four Executive Directors and a Steering Committee.

Lindley Mease / CLIMA Director

Lindley is dedicated to building solidarity for grassroots movements advancing just and regenerative solutions to climate change. In addition to coordinating the CLIMA Fund, Lindley is the Co-Founder of Blue Heart, an organization that organizes millennial donors to give to frontline organizations in the U.S. In these roles she is working to advance accountable philanthropy, and to elevate the stories of grassroots organizations building real political power. Lindley also teaches at Stanford University’s Design School; is a community mediator and counselor; an avid watercolorist and salsa dancer; and is a member of LeftRoots, a national formation of social movement activists. Lindley has a M.S. in Earth System Science and a B.A. in Human Biology from Stanford University. Her roots run deep beneath the Cascades of Washington State and have spread to the Sierras and the Redwoods that surround her home of Oakland.

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Gargi Sharma / Communications & Development Manager

As a human rights activist, advocate, and lawyer, Gargi has been involved in the feminist and environmental movement in South Asia for over twelve years. She is committed to decolonising the social justice movement and believes in mobilising people power to create lasting social change. She is also a part of the (social) media team of Queers4Climate and is their English language spokesperson, with an aim of making the Dutch queer movement environmentally conscious and making the climate movement more inclusive. Prior to this she was a legal consultant to the Government of Chhattisgarh in India where she contributed to the state’s gender mainstreaming efforts.

She was also a legal intern at Greenpeace International where she provided strategic litigation support to environmental and human rights campaigns around the world. Gargi graduated from Leiden University with an Advanced LLM in European and International Human Rights Law in 2018. Gargi is currently based in Amsterdam, where she spends her free time exploring the city’s many museums and biking around North Holland.

Chung-Wha Hong / Leadership Committee

Chung-Wha is the Executive Director of Grassroots International. For over 25 years, Chung-Wha has worked on a range of social justice issues locally and internationally, through organizing, policy advocacy, coalition building, and philanthropy. Named by the New York Magazine as one of the most Influential People in Politics, Chung-Wha helped to build the political clout of New York State’s immigrant communities through a comprehensive civic engagement program, and helped to win numerous legal, social, and economic rights and benefits for those communities. Chung-Wha’s past activism includes working on health care, worker rights, and human rights issues at the New York Immigration Coalition, Campaign to Save Public Hospitals, National Korean American Service & Education Consortium, Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance AFL-CIO, and the Korea Information Project.

Kate Kroeger / Leadership Committee

Kate joined Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights as Executive Director in 2012, fulfilling a lifelong dream of pursuing her feminist activism at an organization dedicated to supporting women’s human rights defenders around the world. Kate learned about grassroots activism in India, where she was a fellow with the Aga Khan Foundation Canada in rural Rajasthan and later worked in the Tansa Valley of Maharashtra. She then moved to New York City, where she spent twelve years funding human rights and social justice work globally, at NetAid (now part of Mercy Corps) and American Jewish World Service (AJWS), where she oversaw grants to over 450 grassroots organizations in 36 countries. In an earlier incarnation as a policy wonk in the US government, Kate worked in the Department of Health and Human Services, and in the House of Representatives. Kate has earned degrees from McGill University, the London School of Economics, and New York University, and most recently received her Master’s in International Human Rights Law with Distinction from the University of Oxford. A member of the Council on Foreign Relations and a former fellow at the Aspen Institute, she speaks French and Hindi.

Solomé Lemma / Leadership Committee

Solomé Lemma is the Executive Director of Thousand Currents. With over 15 years of experience in philanthropy and social change, Solomé Lemma is committed to community- owned and -determined social transformation. Solomé joins Thousand Currents most recently from Africans in the Diaspora (AiD), an initiative she co-founded and led for four years before its merger with Thousand Currents. She is also one of the founders of Africa Responds, a diaspora-led humanitarian initiative that was created to galvanize support for grassroots organizations that fought the Ebola outbreak in parts of west Africa. Previously, she served as Global Fund for Children’s Senior Program Officer for Africa for over five years, managing a portfolio of over 100 grassroots organizations in about 25 countries. Solomé has also worked with the UN Development Programme in Ethiopia, Human Rights Watch in New York City, and International Rescue Committee in Liberia. She received a Master’s in Public Policy from the Harvard Kennedy School and a Bachelor’s in International Relations from Stanford University. Solomé was recognized as a White House Champion of Change for her work with diaspora communities and has been featured in both Forbes and the Washington Post. She was also named as one of Foreign Policy Magazine’s “100 women to follow on Twitter” at @innovateafrica.

Teresa Odendahl / Leadership Committee

Terry is the Executive Director of Global Greengrants. She has spent more than 30 years working to bridge the gap between our natural and human worlds. Prior to joining Global Greengrants in 2009, Terry helmed the National Network of Grantmakers for over a decade, and later the New Mexico Association of Grantmakers. She also worked to protect public lands in the western United States, as a program officer at the Wyss Foundation. An anthropologist by training, she has held faculty positions at Georgetown University’s Public Policy Institute; the University of California, San Diego; and Yale University. She is the cog author or editor of four books: Charity Begins at Home: Generosity and Selfg Interest Among the Philanthropic Elite; America’s Wealthy and the Future of Foundations; Women and Power in the Nonprofit Sector; and Career Patterns in Philanthropy, as well as numerous articles on a variety of topics. Terry is cog founder of the Institute for Women’s Policy Research in Washington, D.C., and the Institute for Collaborative Change in New Mexico.

Carol Schachet / Steering Committee

Carol coordinates all aspects of development at Grassroots International, including collaborations and special projects, as well as engaging in story-telling to advance Grassroots International’s understanding of the role of social movements in creating a more just and sustainable world. She has served in this role at Grassroots International for 10 years. Prior Carol played a similar role on a national scale (with the same title) at RESIST, Inc., and previously worked as an organizer with ACORN and Witness for Peace. She has a Masters of Divinity focusing in the intersection of theology and politics.

Missy Dominguez / Steering Committee

Missy Dominguez grew up outside of Chicago, IL, but spent her formative years in Austin, Texas, where she found her passion in working for and on behalf of women. Prior to joining UAF, she spent over a decade doing fundraising, communications, and event planning in the nonprofit, political consulting, and higher education sectors. Missy is an active member of the community, always making time to volunteer, raise funds, and advocate for causes, campaigns, and candidates that she believes in. She holds a BS in Public Relations from the University of Texas at Austin, and a MA in Social Justice from Loyola University Chicago.

Kezha Hatier-Riess / Steering Committee

Kézha brings more than 20 years of experience in fundraising, communications, and strategic development to Global Greengrants Fund. Kézha has worked to protect the wildlife and ecosystems of Yellowstone National Park, to increase educational access for young people in New Mexico, and on a number of wildlife conservation projects. She has a B.A. in Environmental Studies from Mills College and a M.S. in Wildlife Biology from Montana State University.

Rajiv Khanna / Steering Committee

Rajiv provides overall leadership of the Philanthropic Partnerships Program at Thousand Currents, overseeing donor engagement, the Thousand Currents Academy, Learning and Evaluation, the Buen Vivir Fund, and Diaspora Partnerships. He currently serves on the Board of the Management Assistance Group and on the Stewardship Circle
of Thrive East Bay. Rajiv has a Bachelor’s in English and History from Newman University in Wichita, KS, and a Master’s in history from The Ohio State University.

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