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Ballmer Group

Climate Cousins Foundation

Climate Justice Resilience Fund

ClimateWorks Foundation

Ford Foundation

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Lemelson Foundation

Libra Foundation

McNulty Foundation

New England International Donors

Open Society Foundations

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Solidaire Network

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Swift Foundation

Wallace Global Fund

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The CLIMA Fund models the kind of collaboration that the philanthropic sector desperately needs.

The CLIMA Fund is an extraordinary collaboration investing deeply in the power of grassroots leadership. All four entities in the collaborative are trusted intermediaries who broker thoughtful relationships between grassroots leaders and donors. By nurturing deep trust, CLIMA mitigates the structural inequities inherent in donor-invested relationships. Not only do dollars go directly to grassroots leaders and strategies, the CLIMA Fund models the kind of collaboration and radical love that the philanthropic sector desperately needs.

Pia Infante & John Esterle, The Whitman Institute

The CLIMA Fund partners with folks across the globe investing in grassroots strategies

From South African farmers to urban Black farmers, from landless Brazilian women survivors to migrant domestic workers, low income communities of color around the world are on the front lines of social justice movements and the gravest effects of climate change. The CLIMA Fund partners with folks across the globe investing in grassroots strategies that center those most impacted with the most effective strategies to confront climate change. The Libra Foundation is proud to support this critical work that’s illuminating the interconnectedness and power of environmental justice movements worldwide.

Libra Foundation

CLIMA is one of a kind

CLIMA is one of a kind. It is a collaboration of four highly effective organizations that have first-hand knowledge of the realities of climate change impacts on the ground. Based on the decades-long experience of the participating organizations, they are providing solutions and strategies based on agroecology, renewable energy, community resistance to extractive industries, and support for indigenous peoples as guardians of their forests. I highly recommend funders and NGOs to read CLIMA’s Soil to Sky report that provides a detailed analysis and an insight to grassroots solutions in addressing climate change

Swift Foundation

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