VIDEO: Reclaiming Land, Securing the Future: Story of Piondo Farmers’ Union

Reclaiming Land, Securing the Future shares the story of how community members in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia creatively resisted industrial palm oil development that was destroying their lands, livelihood, and the exacerbating climate change related issues.*

In May 2010, 24 members of the Piondo Farmers Union were arrested while peacefully protesting unauthorized oil palm plantations. Eva Bande, a local community organizer, and other protesters served ~4 years in prison. Afterwards, with support and leadership from the the Ta’a tribe’s governing body and the Piondo Farmers Union, Eva helped spearhead a land reclamation movement in Sulawesi where farmers directly confront plantation companies by rehabilitating unauthorized plantations into forests and organic farms.

This film highlights how supporting community-based solutions are essential to achieving a low-carbon, equitable world.

*Emissions due just to oil palm cultivation in Indonesia accounted for 2-9% of all tropical land use emissions2000-2010.