Advocating for food sovereignty and peasant power


Movimento Camponês Popular (MCP, or Popular Peasant Movement) models and advocates for diversified production of food, food sovereignty and peasant power. MCP works in the the central state of Goiás and in the Northeast region of Brazil to resist aggressive agribusiness land grabs (including large-scale industrial agrofuel plantations), and to promote agroecological farming practices.

It implements a model of sustainable management of genetic biodiversity, through rescuing, evaluating, characterizing, selecting and conserving local genetic resources. This model plays an important role in family farming communities facing adverse conditions due to environmental impacts, climate change and socioeconomic conditions.

These efforts are contributing to the construction of an alternative model of sustainable agriculture and environmental stewardship, and to the livelihoods of peasant families, creating the foundation for the practice of food sovereignty and peasant seed autonomy in these rural communities.

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