5 ways that funders approach climate philanthropy

Original post by Lindley Mease on October 18, 2018 The problems associated with climate change are of catastrophic proportion and require diverse, systemic solutions. If these solutions are to ensure this planet is still habitable in 80 years, they will transform how we live and work across the globe. Philanthropy has the opportunity to play … Continued

Philanthropists are missing promising climate change solutions

Original post by Thousand Currents on March 13, 2019 PRESS STATEMENT New report shows overlooked grassroots leaders are already working effectively to cool the planet For media inquiries, please contact:Lindley Mease, (415) 824-8384 Ext. 126, FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  GLOBAL — Today the California Environmental Associates released a new body of evidence that demonstrates that grassroots climate solutions are needed philanthropic investments … Continued

The climate solutions we need for our survival are already in our midst

Original post by Rajasvini Bhansali on June 23, 2017 Climate change is a tough subject. It is serious and it is scary. Dig deep – beyond the very real, devastating impacts on communities around the world – and what you find is the reality of global systems of inequality. Legacies of colonial extraction. Concentrations of … Continued

People-led climate solutions

Original post by Thousand Currents on December 07, 2016 History shows us time and again: the vital lever of major social change, from decolonization to civil rights to environmental movements, has been grassroots organizing. Yet, even today, grassroots efforts often remain underfunded and overlooked. This missed opportunity is huge, especially in regards to one of … Continued

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