Why Fund Intermediaries?

With a global pandemic and the ever-looming climate crisis, where can our philanthropic dollars make a difference? In the last couple months, grassroots movements have shown how to meet the immediate needs of communities when governments are failing to, and organize for long-term change in a moment that shows how desperately we need it. To resource grassroots movements, funding intermediaries play a critical role.

What does ‘grassroots’ mean, anyway?

Grassroots organizing has been a central strategy of almost every major social and economic transformation in world history—from ending apartheid to the recognition of Indigenous rights to women’s suffrage globally.

The seashore belongs to the people of South Africa

The media statement by the KwaZulu-Natal Subsistence Fisher Folk, the South Durban Community Environmental Alliance, and other groups highlights the right of current and future generations to access the ocean and protect their right to food.

5 ways that funders approach climate philanthropy

Original post by Lindley Mease on October 18, 2018 The problems associated with climate change are of catastrophic proportion and require diverse, systemic solutions. If these solutions are to ensure this planet is still habitable in 80 years, they will transform how we live and work across the globe. Philanthropy has the opportunity to play … Continued

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