Babaçu Nut Harvesters Organize for Land and Livelihoods in Brazil

Original post by Chung-Wha Hong and Lydia Simas for Grassroots International on January 25, 2019. Babaçu nut harvesters in the northeast of Brazil have been struggling for free access to the land and forests that provide livelihoods for thousands of rural families. We went to visit a community of babaçu nut harvesters – known as quebradeiras de … Continued

The Underpinning Stories Dialogue Series II: Lessons Learned

By Gargi Sharma The End of the World as We Know It? International Solidarity in the Climate & COVID-19 Crisis The world is changing rapidly due to climate disruption and the COVID-19 crisis, and that’s not going to stop. But even as fires rage and storms brew, the impact of these changes can still be … Continued

Are Your Environmental Efforts Doing More Harm Than Good?

There is a common belief in the philanthropic sector that doing something is better than doing nothing. But what happens when some funders’ efforts to do good end up doing more harm, undercutting effective climate action? Our latest infographic explores these false promises.

Why Fund Intermediaries?

With a global pandemic and the ever-looming climate crisis, where can our philanthropic dollars make a difference? In the last couple months, grassroots movements have shown how to meet the immediate needs of communities when governments are failing to, and organize for long-term change in a moment that shows how desperately we need it. To resource grassroots movements, funding intermediaries play a critical role.

What does ‘grassroots’ mean, anyway?

Grassroots organizing has been a central strategy of almost every major social and economic transformation in world history—from ending apartheid to the recognition of Indigenous rights to women’s suffrage globally.

Take action and support grassroots climate solutions

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