Underpinning Stories of Grassroots Power and Leadership

How do grassroots movements scale? Why is international solidarity important in confronting the climate crisis? Why fund the grassroots? We synthesized some of the lessons from our online dialogue series about the what, why, and how of supporting grassroots climate action globally.

5 Years of Funding Grassroots Leadership

$10 million, 300+ grants, 5 years. The CLIMA Fund is pleased to share its impact report on its 5-year anniversary of resourcing the grassroots climate justice movements.

Climate Solutions from Soil to Seed

This World Food Day, we honor the thousands of grassroots food sovereignty movements challenging the status quo and creating equitable and sustainable food systems. We commit to standing with food sovereignty movements for the long haul and invite other funders to join us.

Funding Indigenous Peoples-led Climate Action

On August 9th, the CLIMA Fund hosted a global Twitter chat to commemorate the International Day of World’s Indigenous Peoples and ask what the world would look like if Indigenous Peoples and Indigenous-led climate action receive the funding and support they desire.

Defending Land and Community: Women on the Frontlines of Climate Justice

Funders can join women human rights defenders in their advocacy. This means creating spaces and providing funding and other resources for them to advocate for themselves and their communities, recognizing and valuing their experiences, supporting their leadership development and participation, strengthening their networks and resilience to sustain their movements.

Pushed, Pulled — and Exploited

Walls are the not the answer. The real solution doesn’t build walls. It doesn’t jail tired, hungry and frightened men, women and children. It contributes to a better world by restoring the right of the affected people to create their own solutions.

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