Funding Indigenous Peoples-led Climate Action

On August 9th, the CLIMA Fund hosted a global Twitter chat to commemorate the International Day of World’s Indigenous Peoples and ask what the world would look like if Indigenous Peoples and Indigenous-led climate action receive the funding and support they desire.

Defending Land and Community: Women on the Frontlines of Climate Justice

Funders can join women human rights defenders in their advocacy. This means creating spaces and providing funding and other resources for them to advocate for themselves and their communities, recognizing and valuing their experiences, supporting their leadership development and participation, strengthening their networks and resilience to sustain their movements.

Pushed, Pulled — and Exploited

Walls are the not the answer. The real solution doesn’t build walls. It doesn’t jail tired, hungry and frightened men, women and children. It contributes to a better world by restoring the right of the affected people to create their own solutions.

Babaçu Nut Harvesters Organize for Land and Livelihoods in Brazil

Original post by Chung-Wha Hong and Lydia Simas for Grassroots International on January 25, 2019. Babaçu nut harvesters in the northeast of Brazil have been struggling for free access to the land and forests that provide livelihoods for thousands of rural families. We went to visit a community of babaçu nut harvesters – known as quebradeiras de … Continued

The Underpinning Stories Dialogue Series II: Lessons Learned

By Gargi Sharma The End of the World as We Know It? International Solidarity in the Climate & COVID-19 Crisis The world is changing rapidly due to climate disruption and the COVID-19 crisis, and that’s not going to stop. But even as fires rage and storms brew, the impact of these changes can still be … Continued

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