Climate justice is possible when…we listen to the grandmothers

By Rajasvini Bhansali Original article on the Environmental Grantmakers Association blog on June 6, 2018 I took my first toxic tour of South Durban, South Africa in 2012. Hosted by the South Durban Community Environmental Alliance (SDCEA), an organization led by Goldman Prize winner Desmond D’Sa, the purpose of the tour was to learn from community members how they … Continued

A Partnership Making the Case for Supporting Grassroots Climate Work

By Tate Williams Original article in InsidePhilanthropy posted on June 18, 2018 There’s a good argument to be made that communities on the frontlines of environmental protection—especially indigenous people, women and youth—ought to receive greater funding based on significant need and the small amount they currently receive.  But for grassroots groups to become a larger … Continued

Why we need collaborations to tackle climate change

By Terry Odendahl Original post in Alliance Magazine on June 27, 2018 In the current political moment, one where we can no longer trust politicians and international actors to have human compassion and protect our rights to a healthy planet, who do we trust? Over the past decade, I have worked as an environmental and … Continued

Climate Action Rooted in People, Soil and Mother Earth: Climate Justice

By Jonathan Leaning Original post on Human Rights Funders Network on January 7, 2019 In the beautiful, verdant jungle of the Brazilian Amazon—the very lungs of the planet—a small handful of Indigenous Munduruku communities have lived in connection with their ecosystem for more than a thousand years. When news emerged about plans to construct a … Continued

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