Over the last century, oceans have been the canary in the coal mine for the climate crisis, with acidity rising by 25% and wreaking havoc on biodiversity up and down the food chain. Fish constitutes over half of the animal protein consumed in many coastal and small island countries, and fish populations are collapsing due to overfishing, rising ocean temperatures, and altered weather patterns. Decades of pollution, mining, drilling, and destructive tourist practices are destroying ocean ecosystems and the food sources and livelihoods of the coastal communities that work to protect these fragile ecosystems.

The Solution: Coastal ecosystems such as mangroves, seagrasses and tidal marshes are critical carbon sinks for sequestering and drawing down carbon as well as insulating land masses from devastating storms. Importantly, coastal communities are the frontline for protecting ocean and coastal ecosystems, and are those mounting some of the most ambitious campaigns. The CLIMA Fund members are supporting grassroots groups across the globe that are uplifting climate justice and advancing people-centered approaches to ocean protection.

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