How do grassroots movements scale? Why is international solidarity important in confronting the climate crisis? Why fund the grassroots?

Over the last three years, the CLIMA Fund (a collaboration among Global Greengrants Fund, Grassroots International, Thousand Currents, and Urgent Action Fund for Feminist Activism) has hosted four online dialogue series hearing from funders and grassroots leaders about the what, why, and how of supporting grassroots climate action globally. We created a space for transparent and deep discussions among funders and grassroots actors about the philanthropic narratives that drive funding decisions, the interrelationship between the COVID and climate crises, and how to fund grassroots internationalisms. We synthesized some of the lessons from these dialogue series into three short videos.


Read Soil to Sky: Climate Solutions That Work to learn more about grassroots climate solutions. Have a look at our five year impact report to learn how we operationalize these findings to provide holistic support to grassroots groups. Check out our infographics for short, pithy distillations of our video content.


  • Angela Adrar, Former Executive Director, Climate Justice Alliance
  • Chung-Wha Hong, Executive Director, Grassroots International
  • Cindy Wiesner, Executive Director, Grassroots Global Justice Alliance
  • Crystal Hayling, Executive Director, Libra Foundation
  • Doria Robinson, Executive Director, Urban Tilth
  • Ellen Dorsey, Executive Director, Wallace Global Foundation
  • Jocelyn Velazquez, La Jornada: Se acabaron las Promesas
  • Kate Kroeger, Executive Director, Urgent Action Fund for Feminist Activism
  • Laura García, Executive Director, Global Greengrants
  • Lindley Mease, Director, CLIMA Fund
  • Nnimmo Bassey, Executive Director, Home of Mother Earth Foundation
  • Solomé Lemma, Executive Director, Thousand Currents
  • Vini Bhansali, Executive Director, Solidaire Network


Director – Mark Decena
Producer – Liz Decena
Editor – Hilary Brashear
Motion Graphics – Bernardo Josue


Climate Justice Alliance
Black Mesa Water Coalition – Forrest Pound
Global Grassroots Justice Alliance – Aidan Un
Indigenous Environmental Network
Not Without Us – Kontent Films
Survival Media Agency

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